Blackheads Be Gone: Solve Congested Skin with Pumpkin Mask

Even if you don’t struggle with hyperpigmentation or acne, your face may still not be as clear as you’d like it to be. Congested skin is skin that looks dull and thick due to blackheads and large pores. Complementing your skin care routine with a pumpkin mask will help you achieve smoother, evenly-toned skin that's free from those annoying blackheads. 

Blackheads are Not Dirt – Well, Not Really

Many people mistake blackheads for dirt due to its dark color. However, the truth is more complicated than that.

Our skin replenishes new cells every three to four weeks. Those dead skin cells form a layer on top of the skin. Without intervention, it soon mixes up with excess oil, dirt, and other debris. Once it sinks into the pores, it creates clogs that darken due to exposure to air. This is how blackheads come to be.  

To stop this cycle, you need to get rid of that congested layer. One of the most effective ways to do that is by using a pumpkin glycolic mask peel.

Why Pumpkin?

Containing more than 100 vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin, pumpkin is a beauty powerhouse:

  • Vitamins: It’s full of Vitamin A, C, E, and Zinc, all of which help to soothe skin, increase collagen production, fight acne, reverse skin damage, and regulate oil.
  • Natural enzymes: Pumpkin also has lots of naturally-occurring enzymes that serve to hydrate and soften dry and sensitive skin.
  • Fatty acids: Thanks to its reserves of fatty acids, pumpkin protects your skin against pollutants by improving barrier function.
  • AHA content: Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are another essential element in exfoliation, and these are also present in pumpkin products.
  • Deep penetration: Pumpkin has a small molecular structure, so it can reach into your pores for the ultimate decongesting action.

With regular use, a pumpkin peel strengthened with glycolic acid provides an excellent and lasting defense against congestion and blackheads.

Fight Blackheads with Pumpkin Peel

Save the pumpkin carving for Halloween – ASDM Beverly Hills has crafted a convenient way to add pumpkin to your beauty routine!

We've distilled the blackhead-fighting components of pumpkin and glycolic acid into our famous Pumpkin Glycolic Mask Peel. For all-around skin health, you’ll also find these wonderful ingredients in our Pumpkin Peel formula:

  • Honey
  • Pineapple
  • Aloe

These ingredients promote healing post-peel so you can start enjoying blemish-free, glowing skin in no time. The best part? Our Pumpkin Glycolic Mask Peel is incredibly gentle, so it’s the perfect choice for first-timers who want to try chemical exfoliation.

Pumpkin for Your Skin, Made Easy

Dry skin is one of the worst enemies of clear skin. Dry skin produces dead skin cells at a rapid rate, which means more clogged pores and blackheads. For ultra-hydrated skin, your skin experts at ASDM Beverly Hills have come up with a powerful Face Hydration Kit that pairs pumpkin with some of our finest hydrating products:

  • Pumpkin Glycolic Mask
  • Pure Peptides Serum
  • Maximum Hydration Cream
What’s your skin type? Tell us more about your skin issues and what you’re looking for in your skin products – let ASDM Beverly Hills guide you down the path to beautiful, healthy skin!

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