Are You Putting On Your Skincare The Right Way?

When you have a skincare regimen, it’s important to apply it the right way. Many people are endlessly confused by this problem about what goes on first when you layer different treatment based serums and moisturizers. What about eye cream? Toner? Facial oils?

 The whole process can all be a little too confusing to figure out yourself when you are dealing with multiple products. If you’ve ever purchased a boatload of items at a skincare counter and had the beauty advisor write down the order for you and still be confused when you get all your new products home, you aren’t alone. Let’s look at some helpful guidelines about product order, so you’ll be better prepared to put your skincare on the right way from ASDM Beverly Hills.


The General Rule Of Thumb With Skincare Layering

The general guideline to follow with treatments and moisturizers is to go from lightest texture to thicker ones. So in general serums before moisturizers. If you are adding a facial oil, this is where it might get tricky. Your serum is still first always, mainly because serums contain the most serious of skincare treatments so you want that on cleansed and toned skin.

 The next step is your facial oil, if you need one. Then top with your moisturizer that has an SPF for day. Your SPF is always going to be the very last thing on your face before you apply your makeup, if you are wearing any. That’s why everything else goes underneath, so you don’t dilute that SPF. The SPF is what in the long run is going to prevent premature aging in the skin.

 As long as you stick to this basic layering system, you’ll be fine when you apply your skincare treatments. Keep in mind that the Koreans for “k-beauty” love a multi-step system, they sometimes use up to 15 products at a time for their complex beauty regimens.


When You Have Multiple Serums

If you are using a couple of different serums that are similar in texture, it doesn’t overly matter which one you use first. For example, if you are using ASDM Beverly Hills Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier, which helps to encourage cellular renewal and skin healing making skin look plumped up and radiant in the process, you can combine it with our ASDM Beverly Hills Melasma & Pigment Lightening Serum- 7 Day Plus to significantly improve the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation.

 Using customized serums to tackle different skin issues is truly what layering your skincare products is all about, so that you get the most effective treatment possible.


A Note On Eye Cream

 People are always concerned about when to put on their eye cream, before or after their other skincare? The answer is simple. You apply your eye cream after your anti-aging serums, but before your moisturizer with sunscreen. That way the eye cream doesn’t run the risk of not getting absorbed when you have already applied your face cream. Sometimes your facial moisturizer, when you are rubbing it on, has a tendency to sneak up around the eye area.

Whether you need an anti-aging eye cream to improve the appearance of fine lines around the eye area, otherwise known as “crow’s feet” or if you have other eye issues such as puffiness or dark circles, turn to either ASDM Beverly Hills Age Reversing Eye Cream or Double Shot Caffeine Eye Serum for targeted results.

Once you get the hang of layering your skincare products the right way, it will be easy to apply daily. You won’t even think about it anymore, as it almost becomes second nature. You’ll just notice how great your skin looks with the proper routine.

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