All Hail the Pumpkin Mask – The Gentle Acne Therapy You Never Expected

Summer is almost ending, which can mean one thing: it’s pumpkin season! And comes with it is the season of putting on pumpkin mask! Goodbye, long, hot days. Hello, sweater weather and the ubiquity of the Halloween staple. Yet, more than a staple of Jack o’ Lanterns, pumpkins are also becoming one of the surprise beauty remedies today.

A Beauty Remedy for All Skin Types

Pumpkin masks work to help control acne. Pumpkins possess vitamins A, C, E and a whole lot of other anti-oxidants. More importantly, it contains the skin-exfoliating alpha hydroxyl acids or AHAs, which work on the skin’s surface to burn down connecting bonds between skin cells. The proliferation of the pumpkin after the burning heat that bore down on our skins during the summer couldn't be more appropriate.

The Gentle Appeal of the Pumpkin Peel

While it is true that any AHA, like lactic, glycolic, or mandelic acid help in cleaning acne-affected skin, pumpkin enzymes possess a subtle effect and void of the irritation that the previous three enzymes possess. The high levels of vitamins help in lessening the skin inflammation and in the production of collagen. Not to mention, it also contains zinc, which can help in combatting acne.

These properties of the large, bright orange fruit have led to the vast production of pumpkin peel or pumpkin enzyme products designed to help promote smooth skin.

Pumpkin Treatments

There are two ways by which you can apply the pumpkin peel: (1) via a pumpkin puree that you can create at home; or (2) via pumpkin enzyme products available over the counter.

  • To create the pumpkin mask at home, puree the pumpkin (with the seeds removed) in a food processing device. Afterward, crack open an egg, and stir thoroughly into the mixture.
  • While you can do this treatment with the homemade pumpkin puree, the pumpkin enzyme products available over the counter themselves provide a more refined treatment of the skin.

How to Apply the Pumpkin Mask

Before you apply the mask, make sure that your face is completely free of makeup. The cleaning will prep your face for the application of the mask, and maximize the peeling property of the pumpkin enzyme.

  • Next, get a thin layer of the pumpkin enzyme, and apply in a circular motion on the face.
  • Cover most of the face with the pumpkin extract, leaving it to the pores so that it can work its exfoliating property.
  • Leave the pumpkin on the face for around 3-7 minutes. How long you leave it on your face depends on the sensitivity of your skin. Just allow the AHAs and enzymes of the peel to work on your face.

Autumn has indeed taken on a new meaning to all of us, thanks to the surprising health benefits of the pumpkin. Not only is it the food of the season; it has also become the beauty therapy we all needed. Browse our website today and discover other products you will need for your beauty regimen.

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