September 06, 2016
A Journey from Dull to Radiant! – Double Caffeine Shot Eye Serum

The evolution of our lifestyles has been very drastic since the last centuries. Women have advanced from being homemakers to business leaders which has transformed the way they progress with their lives. However, women are naturally inclined towards their physical appearance regardless of their age and the amount of work they put in at home or at their work place. But, there are a few things as humans we cannot control.

Today, we are going to talk about an important issue we face in our busy lives, which is Inflammation. So, what is it, you may ask? In technical terms, inflammation is a reaction which is swelling, tearing, puffiness, redness, irritation or any kind of allergy or soreness that occurs on a specific part of our body. The reasons could be anything from infection to pollution (dust or grass) to lack of sleep or even continuously working in front of the computer.

Now, let me tell you something. I am a writer; I usually work continuously on the computer for hours that have resulted in tired eyes bringing puffiness and dark circles which are prominent otherwise. I, kind of, hate the evident worn out look especially when I am meeting clients, so I decided to look up to some beauty products online which could help me get rid of my over exerted appearance. And then… I found an interesting product, Double Caffeine Shot Eye Serum.

Double Caffeine Shot Eye Serum is a beauty product by ASDM Beverly Hills that has a collection of advanced skin care line for women. It is perfect for homemakers and working women who stretch themselves for hours without proper sleep. Of course, we know presentation is everything these days if you look dull it impacts your surroundings and your mood at a whole.

Double Caffeine Shot Eye Serum lifts the eyes and hydrates the skin around the eyes. It notably minimizes wrinkles, dark circles and sensitivities which brings back the freshness in your most prominent feature, the eyes. Some natural ingredients used in the product are Caffeine Extracts, Vitamin E and C, Silk Powder, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract and Grape Seed Extract. Other essential elements used are Hyaluronic Acid, Eyeseryl, Synake and Arbutin. All these components heal the skin and make it more radiant, hydrated and moisturized which in turn helps you look youthful and bring a glow on the skin.

The application of the eye serum is very easy, all you have to do is smudge a little portion and apply it around the eyes. Massage in small, circular motions for an easing effect around the area. Applying this twice a day, consistently, morning and night could bring back your sparkle and shine.

All of this initially sounded good to me, the description of the products and effects of it got me thinking about how gorgeous it would make me look. BUT, then I said to myself, ‘Hang on a minute’. WHERE IS THE PRICE TAG? I am someone who believes in value for money and would never buy something unless it is worth the price so I anxiously began looking for the cost of this product. (A little secret here, I was praying to the spirits above, I wanted it to fit my budget).

BOOM! $25, NET WT 1 OZ | 30 ML.

Whoa! I was excited, I knew I was happy to add this little beauty quotient to my personal range of cosmetics. I hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button and proceeded to purchase. Result: I am more confident in personal and professional set ups and receive a tremendous response for having a radiant look.

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