8-Way Skin Care Power of Salicylic Acid Peel

If you’ve ever reached for a product to treat your acne, then the chances are that product contained salicylic acid. From salicylic acid peel to creams and serums, it’s one of the most trusted and super effective solutions to those pesky breakouts.

Apart from its pimple-busting abilities, what else is salicylic acid good for? It turns out that this humble BHA is truly a miracle skin care ingredient.

Salicylic Acid: 8 Beauty Benefits

Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA). Two carbon atoms separate the acid part from the hydroxy part. This unique structure makes salicylic acid incredibly oil soluble and allows it to penetrate deeply into the skin.

  1. Exfoliates skin
    Clogged pores, dull texture, acne, blackheads, and more — a lot of skincare issues can be reduced just by regular exfoliation. Salicylic acid is an excellent exfoliator because it can go deep into the pores to remove dirt and grime. The result is flawless, clean skin from the inside out.
  1. Fades dark spots, acne scars, and blemishes
    Solving an acne breakout is only one step toward clear skin. The next problem is how to remove all those black marks, dark spots, and scars left behind by acne.

    Adding a salicylic acid cleanser to your skin care routine helps to fade out discoloration for a much more even skin tone. It strips away all the dead skin to give way to the healthier and brighter one underneath.
  1. Decreases oily skin
    Excess oil is a big enemy of beautiful skin. In fact, it’s primarily responsible for the formation of pimples and other skin problems. Thanks to the cellular structure of salicylic acid, it efficiently breaks down natural oils, sebum, and other fatty compounds to leave skin feeling light and fresh.
  1. Shrinks pores
    Our skin loses collagen and elasticity as it ages. This leads to large pores and unattractive skin texture. Salicylic acid can shrink those pores by tightening skin and firming up cell walls to return the smooth appearance of your skin.
  1. Slows down skin aging
    Skin aging is a natural process, but it doesn’t mean you have to settle for less-than-perfect skin. Using products like salicylic acid cream is an excellent way to boost cell turn over. This process repairs damaged skin cells and rejuvenates the level of collagen for younger-looking skin.
  1. Reduces skin inflammation
    If you struggle with eczema, acne inflammation, sunburns, and similar conditions, then you know how uncomfortable and unattractive these flare-ups can be. Beauty products with salicylic acid effectively reduce redness and swelling. Enjoy instant results from the very first use.
  1. Loosens whiteheads and blackheads
    Since salicylic acid works deep within the pores, it’s able to shake loose and squeeze out blackheads right from the roots. Simply steam your pores open, then apply a salicylic acid product for easy blackhead removal.
  1. Dissolves warts
    Now this one may come as a surprise: at up to 30% concentration, salicylic acid has been shown to remove warts. This is a great at-home solution for mild wart cases that don't require professional removal.

ASDM Beverly Hills: Top Source for Unbuffered Salicylic Acid

To enjoy these amazing benefits, you need nothing less than unbuffered salicylic acid. ASDM Beverly Hills has 10%-20% Salicylic Acid Peels perfect for beginners and sensitive skin types. We also have salicylic acids, cleansers, toners, and creams to complete your beauty fix.

Got more questions about this wonder ingredient? Let your skin care specialists here at ASDM Beverly Hills take care of it!

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