March 01, 2016
The History of Pearl Powder- Preserving and Beautifying Skin

The use of pearl powder can be traced back to 320 AD as a medicinal ingredient used in Chinese medicine. It was believed to be a cure all for everything from optical diseases, tuberculosis, heart attacks, detoxification, sun damage, skin regeneration, and age spots. In the year 1240, its use had spread to India where it was believed to serve as an aphrodisiac. During the 1300s, its use migrated to Europe, where it was said to also treat mental conditions.
After much clinical testing and research, its properties have been concluded to be mainly for cosmetic use. This special powder will infuse your skin with vital minerals and vitamins while having a brightening effect. Today, this powder is still very popular in Asian communities and has even found a niche in Hispanic households.
Our special pearl powder formula is infused with pure hyaluronic acid (plumping and hydration), silk peptides (retains moisture), Vitamin E (Antioxidant) and Vitamin C (Antioxidant & skin brightener). Become a part of history and join the several cultures that used pearl powder and took full use of its many benefits.


Rafael Marquez

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