February 22, 2016
What makes your Tepez Regenerating Moisturizer different from all other Tepezcohuite Creams?

We've been asked this question several times and decided that the best way to thoroughly answer it was through a blog!

1. We use a Cold Extraction Technique
Tepezcohuite is derived from the Mimosa Tenuiflora Bark tree. This bark is carefully chosen by our team of experts and ground to a very fine powder. This powder is then used to create an extract which is left for 30 days to complete. A faster process would be to use heat to complete the extraction, but heat denatures the high flavonoid content of Tepezcohuite by 80% and voids many of its essential nutrients. We prefer a slow, cold process to produce the most potent extract available on the market!

2. Granule-free Texture
After this cold-process extraction method is complete, we triple filter the extract to ensure that only the essentials are being maintained. You will notice that this cream is free of all brown sediments. This extra step is important to us because it creates a cream that is just as visually appealing as it is effective.

3. Hybrid Technology
In our lab, we've created a process which we've coined "Hybrid Technology" which combines the lightness of a gel and the moisture of a cream. The result is a perfectly whipped concoction that feels fresh & moist.

4. Extra Firming & Protection
As packed as this cream already is with nutrients and cellular restoring agents, we've managed to add 2 more ingredients that help boost skin's firmness while simultaneously adding a layer of protection from damaging free radicals. Both are plant derived actives that help to maintain the natural purity of this moisturizer.
Let us know how you liked this new creation!



Rafael Marquez

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