February 16, 2016
Have you tried our Massage oil as a cleansing oil?
Being on the oily skin side, I have always been weary of using a cleansing oil on my face. Just the thought of applying more oil made me cringe. However, that is exactly what I did one day when I was becoming frustrated with using makeup removers that were irritating my eyes & causing my skin to breakout. Inititally I tried pure oils like argan oil, maracuja oil and rosehip oil. None gave me the results I was looking for. My makeup still held up. I finally gave ASDM Beverly Hills massage oil a try and was amazed at how easily my makeup came off. I used a warm damp towel to remove the makeup from my face and once all the makeup was wiped off, my skin felt silky smooth and clean. My eyes did not sting and I did not breakout! Overall a win win!! If you are looking for the best makeup remover around, I would definately recommend ASDM Beverly Hills massage oil. Even if you have oily skin, trust me your skin will absolutely love it!

Silky Smooth Massage Oil

Rafael Marquez

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