February 16, 2016
Ingredient Spotlight: Glycan Peptide
Say hello to your new favorite ingredient! Glycan peptides are well, peptides (as the name suggests). However, what makes them so special is that they help boost skin's production of connective tissue proteins (hyaluronan & proteoglycans). This increase in tissue proteins helps to protect skin's collagen fibers thus directly influencing the resiliency and firmness of skin. Great for smoothing out wrinkles, improving the apearance of sagging skin and adding that plump appearance to skin. A must-have ingredient in your beauty routine!

Products with this ingredient:

Lifting Contour Serum

Oxygen Serum

Marine Firming Complex

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  • Tobais Armstrong

    I had no idea that peptides are available so widely. I’ve just been introduced to the concept of peptides in general, so learning how they work and what they’re in has been super interesting. Thanks for talking about how they can help in skin health! http://www.maximpeptide.com/peptides/

  • dr taruna

    do u really have any effective products or peels for undereye dark circles, under eye bags and undereye wrinkles

  • linda shroyer

    Can you advise me of the best products/ approach for loss of elasticity around my neck and (GASP) my sagging skin above my knees?

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