February 04, 2016
Top 5 Creative Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is approaching rapidly as we rush prepare ourselves for a day of love and romance. Finding a unique & "Awww!!" provoking idea is easier than you think. With a little creativity and a trip to love land, you can definitely surprise your valentine with a gift they'll treasure for many years to come! Here are 5 of our top choices:

#1 - A dozen dates

Arrange a bouquet of 12 roses, ensuring that no detail goes overlooked (color, elegant vase, etc). Attach  a note with a future date written on it (Example: A night out at the beach). When presenting the roses to him/her, take out one rose with the night's plans written on the note.

#2 - A jar of special attention

Pick a nice jar and fill it with candy and notes. Notes should include compliments, special dates, and special attention for example, a back rub for 10 minutes, a dozen kisses, etc.

#3 - Take love to work day

Granted you have permission from your spouse's boss, surprise your loved one with a visit to their work and recite a love poem or love proclamation in front of their coworkers.

#4 - Surprise Love

The night prior to Valentine's day, tape love notes to your spouse's steering wheel or bathroom mirror without them noticing.

#5 -Inexpensive & relaxing date for 2

Even if you do not know how to cook, attempt to create a dinner for 2. We suggest looking up simple recipes on youtube or pinterest. Don't forget a romantic movie and to finalize the mood, homemade chocolate strawberries you can both enjoy making and eating!


Rafael Marquez

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