January 29, 2016
Ready to combat aging once and for all? These are your 5 golden tips!

#1 Golden Tip

Use products that have hydrating, antioxidant and brightening properties.
Your main goal towards healthy skin must be maintaining a balance between hydration and exfoliation. Over-exfoliating and under-hydrating can lead to negative effects on the skin. It is crucial to have some form of exfoliation like lactic acid, enzymes, etc. This will help to maximize product absorption and effectiveness. Hydration and nourishment is also important because skin needs to heal, repair and renew itself in an ideal environment. Look for actives like hyaluronic acid & ceramides. Prevention is also key because it helps to prevent against environmental and sun damage. Look for ingredients like vitamin c & green tea.

#2 Golden Tip
Use peptide rich formulas!
Look for ingredients like Copper peptides, Syn-Ake, Syn-Coll, Glycan Peptides & Matrixyl 3000. Peptides are vital because they help to strengthen skin's connectivity tissue and maximize collagen production.

#3 Golden Tip

Keep skin clean!
It is important to cleanse you skin thoroughly with a good ph balanced facial cleanser at least once a day. Avoid touching your face throughout the day and also avoid over-cleansing which can damage your skin's natural protective barrier which helps protect your skin from free radicals.

#4 Golden Tip
Massage skin at least once a week.
Who knew that a nice firm facial massage could help you fight aging. As relaxing as it is, a massage has so much more to offer, including a boost in circulation, almost instant plumping and toning effects, and overall it helps to reduce stress which is also an important anti aging tip.Try to aim for at least once a week for 10 minutes. Ideally, you would want to massage your face once a day. We recommend massaging with a good anti aging oil like pure Argan oil, Maracuja oil, Rosehip oil, Coconut oil, or Emu oil. Even oily/combination skin types can benefit from a facial massage. You can always substitute oil with aloe vera gel or a hydrating gel moisturizer.

#5 Golden Tip
And last but not least, maintain a healthy diet rich in vitamins and green as opposed to fats and junk food. Soy beans, broccoli, fruits and veggies are all great filling snacks. Sprinkle as much exercise as possible into your everyday routine and your well on your way towards eternal youth! Cheers to that!

Rafael Marquez
Anti aging

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