July 20, 2016
7 things you need to know about Peptides and Skin Care

If you’re a skincare junkie or simply looking for a perfect wrinkle smoothing ingredient, then you can’t afford to dismiss peptides. Peptides are proteins that are composed of amino acids – long and short chains. Peptides can help you bid farewell to fine lines and wrinkles. All you need to do is apply a few drops of peptide serum onto skin twice daily. Before we go any further, let’s take a look at what exactly a peptide is and how it helps to nourish and revive your skin.

Here are 7 things you need to know about peptides and skin care …

1) What is a Peptide?

Peptides are proteins which are made up of amino acids. The only thing which differentiates them from other proteins is their molecular weight. While proteins have a molecular weight in thousands, peptides are much smaller molecules making them perfect penetrating agents.

2) How do Peptides aid in the betterment of skin?

Looking at the composition of our skin, the one ingredient that distinguishes youthful, plump skin from an aged and wrinkly one is the presence of collagens.

Collagen forms the foundation of our skin to give its thickness. As connective tissue, collagen holds our skin together to increase its elasticity. As we age, the concentration of collagen in our skin decreases. Consequently, the radiant and youth of our skin is replaced with an aging, wrinkled and riddled one. Thus, in simple words, it is the absence or the shortage of collagen in our skin which forces it to acquire more wrinkles.

This is where peptides come into play. As they are also protein amino acids, peptides help to increase the collagen concentration of our skin. Moreover, when a peptide is introduced into the skin, it not only increases the concentration of collagens but also aids the natural process of their formation.

Another useful feature of peptides, which is beneficial for our skin, is its moisture binding capability. For those people who suffer from dry skin, the application of peptide serums onto the skin increases its moisture retaining capability. 

3) Peptides add copper to your skin

Unlike proteins, who have a molecular weight in the thousands, peptides are lower weight molecules. This low molecular weight helps them to penetrate through the protective layer of the skin. Therefore, when any other ingredient i.e. copper is attached with peptides, they take it with them to the deep layer of the skin. And as we already know that copper is a miraculous agent in the healing of skin, its application to the lower layers will do miracles in restoring your skin’s brilliant healing capabilities.

4) Other benefits of Peptide Serum

Although most people use peptides for its collagen generating properties, they aren’t aware of the fact that there are numerous benefits of collagen, besides skin care. For example, collagen is thought to help in the bone and joint health. Moreover, by contributing to the formation of collagens, peptides indirectly balance the hormone levels of your body. Lastly, by coating the digestive tract, the resulting collagen will improve digestion.

5) Why are Peptide Serums more effective than Peptide Creams?

Before going to the market and running to the skin care aisle, I would suggest you take a breather. While there are numerous peptide products available in the market, there is a huge difference on their potential impact on your skin. For example, the majority of peptide creams are heavily concentrated with peptides.

However, as for serums, they contain other ingredients which reduce the concentration of peptides. This allows the serum to penetrate much quickly through the skin in order to produce more meaningful results.

6) What does Research say about Peptides?

According to a research paper published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, peptides are cell regulators which have a direct effect on the collagen metabolism. Also, these peptides influence the production of collagens. Consequently, the peptides have the ability to activate the dermal metabolism.

7) Where to get the Peptide Serum?

Although there are many products available in the market, the one with just the perfect concentration of peptides – neither too thick nor too diluted, is the Peptide Serum by the ASDM Beverly Hills. In addition to the peptides, this serum also contains hyaluronic acid, syn-ake, Vitamin C and DMAE. All these substances combine to give your skin a brilliant and youthful appearance. It will rejuvenate your skin not just provide a temporary solution.

Rafael Marquez

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