November 16, 2015
6 Things you must do tonight to get fabulous skin tomorrow

Brushing your teeth and setting your alarm are some daily tasks you most likely perform before heading to sleep to ensure a clean smile and prompt arrival to work. Now what are some tasks can you perform that will ensure healthier, clearer skin tomorrow? Here is our list of 6 essential tasks to ensure beautiful skin night after night. Wipe away stress and pollution in a few simple steps.

  1. Cleanse

We’ve all been guilty of falling asleep with a not so clean face. This is a big no-no for healthy skin, because at nighttime, your skin goes into regeneration mode. If your face is caked with makeup, sweat or dirt, you should not be surprised if you wake up with clogged pores, pimples and irritated skin. This step only takes a few seconds and it will make a significant difference in your skin’s clarity.

  1. Treat with a serum

Serums are your skin’s best friend, because they are able penetrate deep into the skin targeting areas of high concern. For wrinkles and aging skin, we would recommend a serum with actives like retinol, argireline, matrixyl, chicory root, and hyaluronic acid. For acne prone skin, we would recommend a serum with tea tree oil, salicylic acid and soothing ingredients like aloe vera. For sensitive skin, we would recommend a serum with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, ceramide and healing fruit extracts. Pick one that fits your specific skin concern and smooth it unto your skin. Massage gently until absorbed. This will help to increase circulation and maximize penetration.

  1. Seal with a moisturizer

Moisturizing is an excellent way to seal your skin, allowing the previously applied serum to perform properly. A thicker moisturizer than what you normally use in the day is preferred for the night. This will help seal the skin better prevent against trans-epidermal water loss. When applying, massage product unto face, using circular motions until fully absorbed. This is an excellent way to sneak in your daily facial massage.

  1. Rejuvenate with an eye cream or serum

It is said that your eyes are the windows to your soul. With that being said, bring on all the eye creams you can get a hold on! For dark circles and puffiness, we would recommend a serum with caffeine extract, eyeseryl and hyaluronic acid. For crow’s feet and other fine lines and wrinkles, we would suggest a cream with snap-8 and Inyline solution. Using your ring finger, dab a small amount of product under eye and glide from inner eye along the orbital bone towards the outer eye.

  1. Pull your hair back.

Did you know that your hair harbors oils and bacteria that can be causing you breakouts in the morning? We recommend sectioning hair and twisting it on top of your head. You can hold with pins, or tie all sections together with a hair tie. This will also give your hair a nice wave to it in the morning with added volume!

  1. Change that pillow case

You should change your pillow case at least once a week. All of that slobber, sweat and oils that are left behind can only accumulate and create a fertile ground for bacteria. A clean pillow case will ensure that all of your hard work preparing for bedtime will not go to waste.

Rafael Marquez

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