November 16, 2015
Why you should start massaging your face today

We all are probably well aware that it is essential to exfoliate at least once a week. It is also important to use sunscreen every day, rain or shine (Nobody wants those pesky free radicals & UVB/UVA rays attacking our lovely skin!). But do you know that massaging your face is essential for healthy, youthful skin? It does not have to be every day, but 1-2 times a week is a good place to start. Here are just some benefits to get you inspired:

  • Increases circulation (blood flow) to the face
  • Increases collagen production
  • Allows for maximum penetration of products specially when using gentle tapping motions
  • Decongests oily-prone areas
  • Relieves tension & thus minimizing the appearance of fine line & wrinkles
  • Tones your facial muscles for a more defined jawline, plumper cheeks & puff free eyes
  • And more!

Now how do you perform this facial massage? There are 3 keys steps that are best performed in the shower. The shower acts as an alternative to a facial steamer which will prep your skin for the massage.

Step 1

Start off by massaging your face using circular, upward motions. Use your index and middle fingers of both hands. We recommend starting at the forehead and working your way down to your chin. Make sure the motions are firm so that you can feel your muscles getting a workout!


Step 2

Follow up by massaging your face using zig zag motions. Starting from forehead to chin. Zig zag motion can be performed using index and middle fingers of both hands. Left fingers will move towards the middle of the face, while right fingers will move towards the outer part of the face. Both in parallel opposite directions.

Step 3

End with tapping motions. Make sure the motions are firm. Use all of your fingers (except thumb). When tapping face, pretend you are playing a piano. You want to use this motion all over your face.

Performing these 3 simple massage techniques will help to maintain your skin vibrant, healthy and toned. You can always emphasize any of these techniques on problem areas like jowls & crow’s feet. Let me know how they worked for you.

Rafael Marquez

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