November 16, 2015
How Tepezcohuite Changed My Life!

Thank you Kat for your testimonial! We are very happy to hear that our Tepezcohuite Cream has done wonders for your sensitive skin. Thank you for sharing!

“Hi, My skin has become very sensitive and reactive in the last few years. Any time I try a new product, I break out in a rash. I finally had to simplify my routine by eliminating wipes, all oils, all silicones and just using simple water based fragrance free products. My skin improved but then I went for a massage. I couldn’t relax as I felt the massage oil all over my face knowing it would soon react. Just as predicted, it broke out in a rash and acne. I had read about Salma Hayek swearing by tepez cream so out of desperation I purchased it. I worried at first because of all the oils in the product but was amazed at the results!! On Sat night I was broken out, by Wed night it had cleared! Attached is the before and after. I now use the Tepez Cream everyday and everyone I know have noticed a difference. My grandma even keeps asking me to buy her a jar! Thank you!" -Kat

Rafael Marquez

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