August 25, 2016
5 Easy Steps can Make You a Perfect Bride on Wedding Day

Is your wedding day, around the corner? Are you getting nightmares of waking up the day OF your wedding day with a horrific pimple and an equally disgusting rash? Then read on because we've got 5 EASY steps for you to ease your mind about that BIG day!

5 easy steps to make your marriage day perfect

AHHH the day most young girls dream about is FINALLY here! You have the perfect dress picked out, the most intricate hair-do selected and your makeup artist is ready to arrive bright and early. But are you ready? I’m not talking about the big “I do”, but rather the “Is my skin ready despite all of the drama and chaos?!”. Skin is such a complicated organ because it reacts to everything, whether it be your hormones, environment, stress level, and basically everything you put on it. Some skin types being more problematic than others. But there are simple measures you can take to ensure that your skin is picture perfect for any occasion! The basic steps are evident, you must cleanse your skin daily and moisturize. Oh and DO NOT pick at your face and NEVER sleep with your makeup on. I’m sure we all got that part down. The tricky part is when it comes to choosing which products suit your skin, what ingredients work best, what ingredients to avoid, and last but not least, how to apply all of the above to maximize effectiveness. All good questions that are actually simpler than you think. Once you get these 5 EASY steps down, you are good for any occasion! Whether it be your wedding, anniversary or God forbid your divorce party (Yep, there are those as well too), you are destined to look your absolute best. I can’t guarantee your hair or outfit, but at least your skin is guaranteed to be flawless or your money back. Yes, 30 DAY money back guarantee on all ASDM Beverly Hills products.

What more could a girl want? Except for the perfect groom of course!

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