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Chemical Peels 101

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How to Get Rid of Milia: Say Goodbye to These Unsightly White Bumps

Ever noticed those minuscule, painless, yellowish or white bumps on the skin that seem to appear out of nowhere? These are called milia. They look a lot like whiteheads, acne, or pimples, but don’t take them for granted! Try to pop them, and you'll find out that they have nothing in similar to these skin breakouts except in how they look. Let’s look at the best ways on how to get rid of milia— no one wants these tiny, unsightly bumps on their skin!

A Closer Look at Milia

Milia is a skin condition that manifests in small cysts or bumps filled with keratin. These bumps are white or yellowish, tiny, and firm to the touch. It’s common to find milia on the face, such as around the eyes, on the nose and cheeks, and on the chin. Milia are common in infants, but people of all ages can have them.

Medically, milia are neither contagious nor painful. When it comes to babies, milia can clear up on their own over time. But with adults, this skin condition can persist for quite a while, and in some cases, become permanent. That's why most people prefer to remove them to maintain clear skin.

Managing Milia

While it can be challenging to get rid of milia, it’s not impossible. Start by following a proper skin care routine. Our skin care products are proven successful in eradicating these annoying bumps.

No matter what, don’t try to squeeze, poke, pinch, or scrub them like you would a pimple or whitehead. You might break your skin, causing more damage like skin breakage and scarring./p>

Add exfoliating treatments like lactic acid serum peels in your skin care regimen to get rid of existing milia and prevent more from occurring. Look for products with unbuffered lactic acid, which means their natural low pH is retained. Doing this will remove dead skin cells from the surface and gently reveal healthier skin.

Hydrate and heal your skin with masks made of Rhassoul clay, well-known for attracting impurities and toxins that lurk beneath your skin’s surface. Since milia can also be caused by dead skin cells clogging up your skin, a Rhassoul purifying face mask can be very effective in clearing up dehydrated and congested areas of your face.

Always wear sunscreen when you go out.

Use a cleansing brush with your cleanser of choice to promote deep cleanse.

Look Forward to A Beautiful Skin

With the right products and skin care regimen, you can look forward to beautiful skin that’s free of these unwanted bumps. ASDM Beverly Hills has a full line of skin care products that specifically target skin conditions like milia and many more. Contact us to find out which products perfectly suit your skin type.